Saturday, June 23, 2012

Project: Sexy Red Dress

The fabric has been cut, and the Sexy Red Dress is underway.

This will be my first real dress project. I'm hoping it turns out well, because the material is knit jersey, and it's soft and stretchy-what every woman loves in a summer dress-but it's a biotch to work with.  (Dislike.)

This was bought at JoAnne's Fabrics during my Flower Apron raid trip. I've been itching to work on this ever since I've laid eyes on it. I paid my dues with the apron, and now it's time to get this done! I can't wait to wear it (assuming that it turns out at least half decent).

I set the iTunes to Madonna's old classics for this one. It just felt right.

So far, the bodice is almost done. The two front pieces are all sewn to the back, and the little hole for the skirt tie is sewn as best as I could. However, the sleeves gave me the most trouble, while doing the "narrow hem." I couldn't iron it flat (and I didn't really want to anyways since it was ruining the fabric), and so the hem wouldn't stay put on the curve while sewing. Not to mention sewing a jersey fabric stinks. Grr. Grr. Grr. One sleeve is fully complete, though. The other needs to be re-cut with my leftover scraps. Yeah, we got into a cat-fight. It won.
But I will win the war.
I will win the war...

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