Thursday, June 28, 2012

FO: Sexy Red Dress

Project: See & Sew dress B5546
(a.k.a "Sexy Red Dress")
Start Date: June 22nd, 2012
Finish Date:  June 28th, 2012
Store: Joann Fabrics (pattern & fabric)
Fabric: Jersey knit
Yardage: 2 yards 

This is how the West was won: pins. Those darn sleeves gave me such a run for the money, I put the dress on hold for a couple of days before I went back at it. It's not perfect, but it looks fine. 

The bodice is a bit too large for me. It looks fine if you're out to seduce every living male creature by screaming, "hey, look at my bra" by the flaps just hanging looser than what the photo suggests. Especially if you bend over.  I'll definitely have to rig some sort of button or Velcro thing underneath when I get closer to needing this for some wedding or party function because I'm super self-conscious when it comes to those sorts of things. I'd be fixing it all night.

When I am able to get to the nearest store with cool printed jersey fabric, I'm gonna sew myself Faith's 20 Minute dress that I'm dying to make! Less sewing? No hems? Comfy dress? 20 minutes?? Gotta love it!

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