Thursday, July 26, 2012

DINO curtains

 I've totally forgotten that I haven't shared my "dino curtains" that I made for the twins' room several months back. I didn't use a pattern or anything, so I was pretty proud of myself for making 4 uniform panels that miraculously lined up properly.

Obviously, the valance (if that's the right term) is a wee-bit shorter in width than the curtains. That's mostly because I decided after-the-fact that I wanted the curtains to go a couple of inches beyond the window so that light isn't let in on the sides. I don't plan on keeping the valances too much longer, anyways, so I'm not particularly grieving over that fact. It's annoying, to a semi-perfectionist, but no grieving.  

I plan on using the scrap fabric to make green, orange and dino fabric-posters in different sizes as wall art. Have you seen that in DYI shows? You wrap and staple it to the back of a wooden frame? I plan on doing stuff like that in my room too. I hope to knit or sew some sort of dino decor in felt for the "blah," bare blue walls as well (did you like that alliteration?...I wasn't really planning on it). I'm still trying to think how to do that and not be too overkill.


  1. Very cute curtains. Stopping by from your knitting blog and your newest follower.

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